Customer Service

SCHAUMBURG WATCH customer service

Mechanical watches are complex technical instruments with movements consisting of many small components that require servicing, cleaning and oiling from time to time. Your watch is warranted for two years when purchased as new from an authorized Schaumburg Watch retail location.  The guarantee does not cover normal wear and tear or any damage to the watch as a result of misuse, accidents (knocks, dents, etc) or abnormal/abusive use and lack of care.

Service interventions

SCHAUMBURG WATCH service intervenstions

In everyday use, a wristwatch is subjected to many different strains and stresses, such as vibrations, impacts, dust, water, UV radiation, perspiration or fluctuations in temperature. We should not omit to mention the mechanical strain placed on a movement designed to keep the time with absolute precision for 24 hours every single day, and for periods of many years. In order to combat the wear and tear on certain moving parts, as well as the natural aging of oils and lubricants, we recommend owners to have a maintenance service carried out approximately every two years and a complete one every five.

interval Service

SCHAUMBURG WATCH interval service

The maintenance service includes checking the watch's functions and appearance, ensuring that it is water-resistant and runs accurately, and giving the exterior a thorough cleaning. Our specialists identify any functional defects and repair them only after consulting the customer. After a maintenance service you can be sure that the watch will show the correct time, that all its functions are working properly and that its water-resistance is at the level stated.