The Gnomonik GT ONE is the ultimate watch, even if the model has got only one hand to indicate the time. Sometimes less is more.The Gnomonik GT ONE is based on the vintage model of the sundial: Just one line is enough to indicate the time. And as we do not live in the Stone Age, a modern date display substitutes the tally sheet of the cave dweller. So the new watch owner can enjoy the gorgeous racing-design of the brand-new one-hand-watch and show off the reduction to the essential functioning.

The reduced chronometer is readable faster and more precise than most contemporaries might assume.The brushed dial in tachometer-design makes this unique watch so charming. For precise readability the stately case with the size of 46mm is crucial. With its combination of reduced forms and expressive sportiness the unique chronometer is an individual statement on everyone's arm. It offers a high recognition value without needless gaudiness.This beautiful piece of watch making which was already available as the classic Gnomonik one-hand-chronometer is designed exceedingly sporty. But does also suit aesthetes because of its solid case with the screwed bottom and its exceptional designed crown that offers high protection.

The model is available with a costly steel case or with a black PVD-finish.The innovative highlights of this new construction are the screwed lugs with the socket screws. The watch cannot get lost and even beginners can change the wrist strap without scratching the case. Also delivered are the distinctive high-tech-leather-strap in a-jour racing design with red or grey seams The movement of the Gnomonik GT ONE is a Swiss production with a solid mechanical movement and an automatic winding mechanism. The Schaumburg Watch calibre SW20 completes the unique piece.This newly defined interpretation of the classic one-hand-watch combined with solid Swiss watch making technique is an extraordinary highlight for watch enthusiasts and everyone who is fascinated by design.